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  • Have you stuggled to feel better after being diagnosed with Celiac disease?
  • Do you still suffer with gut pain, bloating or painful headaches?
  • Are you feeling frustrated that you can't find diet solutions that completely work?
  • Are you afraid you'll have to suffer like this the rest of your life?
  • Do you simply not know what in the world you can eat to be Gluten free?
You CAN feel better again.
Chances are the food you're eating contains hidden gluten and other toxic ingredients that wreak havoc on your digestive system, and cause you to still feel sick.
It's not your fault.
The so called Gluten Free food sold in grocery stores is loaded with hidden gluten and other toxic chemicals that prevent us from feeling our best, and give us painful bloating and headaches. Trying to figure out what's safe to eat, with all the conflicting sales pitches and fancy labels is completely overwhelming!
You CAN eat again. We show you how to:
  • Eat gluten free, whole food
  • Find some of the other trigger foods that can cause you problems
  • Get back to "Whole" food

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10 Steps to Healthy Gluten Free Eating

The free 10 Step Guide is packed full of tips, tricks, recipes and regular updates to get you started on the road to living healthy without gluten.

We show you how to find and prepare good, wholesome food, that will make and keep you healthy.

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Shrimp salad on a bed of lettuce
Author: Thora Toft      September 16, 2020
Categories: Salads     Categories: Main Dishes - Seafood    

A creamy salad that can be served on croissants or fresh bread, or on a bed of crisp lettuce. This is seasoned with either dill or Old Bay seasoning. Each is quite different, so try both and see which you like best.

Fresh egg salad on a bed of lettuce
Author: Thora Toft      September 8, 2020
Categories: Salads    

A classic all time family favorite for lunch time. This easy to make egg salad goes nice on fresh gluten free bread or served on top of a fresh veggie salad.

Fresh guacamole with chips on the side
Author: Thora Toft      August 30, 2020
Categories: Snacks    

A tangy fresh guacamole that's great served with tortilla chips and goes great with a Mexican themed dinner or Homemade Chili.

Thora Toft

Hello and Welcome!

I'm Thora, a foodie and home cook. I love sharing my gluten free recipes with all of you.

You'll find recipes that you can make for your families, and know they're delicious and wholesome. All recipes are gluten and soy free, and many have grain and dairy free options.

Enjoy the recipes, dig around in the articles, and let's live and thrive this life together without gluten!

Learn more

Regaining your health when you have Celiac or Gluten Sensitivity is much more than just cutting out some bread and cookies.
  • Health advice for those following a gluten free diet needs to be adjusted. The standard advice does not always apply, and often needs tweaking, to ensure you stay 100% gluten free.
  • For those who continue to feel unwell after going gluten free, there's a lot that can be done to really start to feel better.
  • Here you'll find the tools you'll need to start to get better, and stop feeling sick.

Explore the new world of eating for the 21st century.

Expand what it means to eat whole food.

Whether you have a particular path you choose to eat by, such as vegan, paleo, Mediterranean, gluten free and all the other food plans out there, adding the concept of eating WHOLE food will greatly improve your overall well being.

The Dilemma

The POWER of real, whole food has been lost in the sea of pills and potions, both from the main stream medical system, and the alternative medicine camp.

We have a society that's stuck on the notion that every ill needs a pill. Instead of realizing that almost all ills can be prevented. That prevention starts with real, WHOLE food.

The Solution

We'll show you what real, whole food is, and how to use it. We'll also show you what is NOT whole food, and how these fake substances have infiltrated our food supply, and how to rid yourself of them.

I've spent the last 20 years cooking and enjoying food. I spent several of those very sick, and I completely recovered by getting rid of UNreal food, and preparing and eating WHOLE food.

Whole food has INCREDIBLE POWER. Food should be a Feast, it should be a joy to make, and it should be a joy to eat. Food is not a weapon that must be wielded as if it's going to explode (or explode our "butts"). Whole food can be enjoyed in abundance.

The Flip Side

The flip side of that thought brings up the question: "What's in the modern diet that's making us so fat, so sick, and so miserable?"

I've discovered it's not food that's making us fat and sick, it's the junk they put in food that destroys it, that makes it a weapon against us.

The Power Tools

Our mission is to share with you how to eat WHOLE food.

  • What to look for and what to avoid while grocery shopping
  • How to plan for family meals
  • Converting your family to also eat whole food
  • How to find awesome places to eat out
  • Recipes for WHOLE food, made from scratch

You'll learn very POWERFUL TOOLS to combat the marketing and the hype of our modern day eating culture. There are many subtle and not so subtle uses of propaganda that have invaded our culture. I'll show you how to recognize them, and how to start to counter them so they don't have power over you anymore.

You'll get the knowledge, the power and the know how to eat WHOLE food. That's far more powerful than you can imagine.


You can live a transformed life, and take back your wellness, and your sanity.

I've lived the transformation from an ill 30ish woman, on a collision course with lifelong prescription migraine pain medicine and digestive hell, to now being a 50ish woman whose body behaves, and is never in pain, never aching, never even hardly noticed.

Many others over the years have had similar transformations, who went from having debilitating chronic illness to vibrant, healthy individuals. All due to the power of WHOLE food.

Now YOU can have that knowledge and that power.

Join the Feast

Whether you're ill or well, old or young, or anywhere in between, WHOLE food can form a strong base for you to live the rest of your life from.

Come Feast with us!

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