Living and Thriving Gluten Free

Healthy & Whole Food Eating

  • Have you struggled to feel better even after improving your diet?
  • Do you still suffer with gut pain, bloating or painful headaches?
  • Are you feeling frustrated that you can't find diet solutions that completely work?
  • Are you afraid you'll have to suffer like this the rest of your life?
  • Do you simply not know what in the world you can eat?
You CAN feel better again.
Chances are the food you're eating contains hidden junk and toxic ingredients that wreak havoc on your digestive system, and cause you to still feel sick.
It's not your fault.
The so called Healthy food sold in grocery stores is loaded with hidden additives and other toxic and harmful ingredients that prevent us from feeling our best, and give us painful bloating and headaches. Trying to figure out what's safe to eat, with all the conflicting sales pitches and fancy labels is completely overwhelming!
You CAN eat again. We show you how to:
  • Eat additive free, real food
  • Find some of the other trigger foods that can cause you problems
  • Get back to "Whole" food

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10 Steps to Healthy Gluten Free Eating

The free 10 Step Guide is packed full of tips, tricks, recipes and regular updates to get you started on the road to living healthy without gluten.

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We show you how to find and prepare good, wholesome food, that will make and keep you healthy.

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Thora Toft

Hello and Welcome!

I'm Thora, a foodie and home cook. I love sharing my whole food recipes with all of you.

You'll find recipes that you can make for your families, and know they're delicious and wholesome. All recipes are gluten and soy free, and many have grain and dairy free options.

Enjoy the recipes, dig around in the articles, and let's live and thrive this life together without junk food!

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