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While working on my website, a strange thought crossed my mind. I was gathering pictures and ingredient labels for some packaged foods and researching the food additives in a product.

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I knew the product was a toxic mess with a quick glance at the label. But as I gathered the pictures, I couldn't help but read the nice little descriptions on the packages. They really were lovely descriptions, and the food looked quite appetizing. Then I started to feel sad for the poor little packages of food. Kind of like you'd feel sad for a stuffed toy as a child would. Instantly, I knew it was a silly thought. But you can't unthink a thought, can you. I knew my feeling was misplaced. But I felt it none the less. It was several days before I completed the task of gathering the pictures. And this thought stayed with me.

Poor little pretty box of food. 

Picture of frozen dinners
Image by: Thora Toft

It had no idea what I had planned for it. I would be tearing it to shreds with the mean words I'd write about it. How I'd insult it's mommy and daddy. How I'd rant about it's brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles.

I thought about where a more appropriate focus of my sadness should be. Intellectually, I knew it didn't belong on the food. But I didn't really have a specific focus of what I was sad about, or where that focus should be. Being sad about this whole topic of toxic food is not a feeling I was familiar with. I've felt anger, and disgust, and distrust. But not sadness. I had to ponder on that thought for a few days.

Then it came to me. I was not sad about the food. I was sad for all the people out there who spend good, hard earned money on poison dressed up in a pretty box. People would be buying this food, thinking it was healthy and nourishing. Mom's would be buying this to feed their children. Single people would buy this thinking it was a wise choice to make as a new responsible adult. Old folks would be buying this thinking they were spending their pension money on quality food that was easy to prepare.

I was sad for all those millions out there who are lied to every day, buying the pretty little food in a box.

Even though I now had a direction and a focus of where my sadness was directed, it still gnawed at me that I had this feeling. It seemed too... too soft. How do you get motivated by sadness?  But I didn't seem to be able to fully put it aside quite yet.

Then came the task of writing out all the ingredients on every package. Well, a much more familiar feeling reared it's head. Anger. Anger at the lies, manipulation and propaganda that has infiltrated the so called food industry. That was a feeling I could deal with, could do something with. It spurred me on to continue this grand project, and do my part in counter balancing the lies.

It reminded me that we all go through a lot of different feelings as we decide to make some changes in our life. Whether the changes are food related, or in relationships, or careers, or anything. Whether the choice is voluntary, or beyond our control and just something we have to deal with.

If you've been interested and learning about alternative health for a long time, you may be familiar with some of these feelings:

  • Disbelief - how could "that" company get away with that? That can't be true. Someone would have put a stop to it. Wouldn't they? Of course they would! It can't be true...
  • Overwhelmed - there's just too much information I need to know to make an informed decision. It's impossible.
  • Anger - They're a bunch of liars! They're all crooks! The world is mad!
  • Distrust - I can't trust anyone! The doctor's are quacks, Big Food is as powerful as God, Big Ag is out to kill us all. The pill makers (pharma and farma) all just want to sell me pills the rest of my life.
  • Acceptance - This is the way it is. The world is corrupt, and the so called experts are in it for the money, and power, and control. But I have to deal with it. The average person just does not want to hear about how they're being conned, and poisoned. I can't do anything about that. That is their choice. They will have to deal with the consequences. Everyone's choices are their own responsibility, and not mine. I cannot change the entire world.
  • Determination - I will strive to uncover the lies, and know that this will give me more power to live healthy, on my own terms. I won't back down, or be talked into backing off. I will vote with my wallet at all times. I will never trust someone or some company that lied to me; to do so it foolish, and deadly. I will help share what I know, to help anyone on the path to knowledge and self betterment, who actively is seeking the information.

You won't necessarily have experienced all of these feelings, but if you have, know you're not alone. I do hope that all of you get to the point of feeling determination. Determination is what will drive you to continue to learn and grow.

Computer and a coffee
Image by: Unsplash
If you're new to this topic, and have no idea where to start, or where the end point is, my advice is "just start." Everyone who delves into the topic of alternative health, and health food, and real food comes in at a completely different starting point. Because of that, no one can plot out a path that is right for you. Just dig in, start learning, starting improving, one step at a time. If you're serious, and avoid getting emotionally attached to the information you gather, and work to uncover the truth, piece by piece, you'll make tremendous progress, that pays off big time in your physical health. And there is no end point. This is real life, not a story, so there is no ending. This is a life long journey of gaining knowledge and information. And if you apply it, you will gain wisdom. And being wise, you'll know when it's time to set aside some knowledge and pick up some new knowledge.

Whatever emotion you may have on this topic, just know if you "power on" through to the next bit of info, your emotion will shift too. Don't get stuck on any one feeling. It's a path you're on, and it will take many turns, and detours, and you may end up going in circles for a while. That's fine. Just keep going.

Browse through the different parts you'll find on this site. Don't focus just on one thing, or one topic. Move around. Read some stuff to learn what food and food additives are, and how to find good, healthy, gluten free real food. Learn about how to plan your life around different eating habits. And of course, cook some food. And EAT! Invite a friend over for dinner, and chat and laugh...

... and EAT.

Thora Toft

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This s a very thoughtful article! Thank you.

Julie Harper
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Thank you Julie! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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