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If you have Celiac Disease, you cannot eat any gluten containing grains. This is not a fad diet for those with Celiac. It is a medically critical requirement.

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There's a lot of chatter in the media now a days that the gluten free diet is "just" a fad. And like other fads, people expect it will fade and disappear.

When you look closely at many of these articles, most are poorly researched, or cherry picked the references to suit some agenda that appears to disregard Celiac sufferers as mentally ill or just not quite "right" in the head. They are portrayed as rather stupid, or naive.

What's extremely irresponsible is that they rarely clarify that those with an actual medical diagnosis of Celiac must never eat gluten if they want to recover and maintain their health.

They never cover those people that actually do have some sort of actual medical reason to eliminate gluten.

Because they skip this part, they are massively spreading the false information that gluten free is 100% a fad. Many in the general population have no idea there really are people who can't eat gluten.

There are also a significant number of people with a variety of auto immune conditions who are able to go into remission when they follow a strict gluten free diet. Often these diets will be customized to also exclude other things as well.

For some people, eating gluten free was the beginning of them paying more attention to their diets, and will contribute to them adopting a much healthier diet. If people stay away from all the gluten free junk, and opt for home made versions of gluten free food, and start cooking more food from scratch, they really will feel better.

All these people are disregarded, and disrespected when people write about gluten free being a fad.

There certainly is a lot of gluten free products out there, and many are just gluten free junk food. The trend of so called food manufacturers jumping on the band wagon of the latest food trend is nothing new.

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Instead of attacking the gluten free trend, why not put the focus on the food manufacturers, and call them out for pushing junk on the population. That may not stop them from doing that, but it would be more useful for the general population to be aware that food manufacturers really don't have their best interests at heart. They're in the business of making money, and it's only natural for them to jump on whatever the latest trend is.

I would suggest that virtually every food in a package is some sort of marketing ploy. Gluten free just happens to be one of the bigger, and newer ones. Right now it's also trendy to attack this food trend.

When the next food trend comes along, whether it has some basis in reality or not, it too will get attacked.

Be aware that when you hear the next food attack, that there just might be some legitimate people who may be hurt by the attack, and to not just blindly accept that attack as 100% legitimate.

Keep an open mind if you hear people say they eat gluten free, and rather than jump down the throats of your friends and relatives and tell them how wrong they are, why don't you ask them to explain it to you instead. You just might learn something very interesting, and help be an advocate for their health, instead of one of their attackers.

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