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What are they used for: They can be used as one of the main ingredients, or as a leavener in baked goods, or to alter the properties of food in various ways.

Chicken eggs are the most common eggs used by North Americans. Other countries use other types of eggs. When grown in wild or organic conditions, and where the birds are allowed to roam fully free, over a large area, and eat directly from the environment, rather than eating commercial chicken feed, they will product the best, most real eggs.

There are a lot of marketing gimmicks used in the stores when it comes to eggs. Most of them are a scam and are just after more of your money, such as brown eggs costing more. Advertising trendy words, such as Omega 3 eggs, or Grain fed eggs, are extremely misleading. In reality, when they use these kinds of trendy words, it's actually a pretty way of them dressing up the lowest quality chicken feed.

If you can buy locally, where you can actually see the chickens, and where they live, and can determine the conditions, you will get the best chance of getting the best eggs. The core things to look for is a very large area of natural environment that they live in, that still have plenty of vegitation. If it's too small, the chickens will have picked everything from the soil, and it will be quite barren at ground level. They need a fully shelter to protect themselves from bad weather, and shade trees to protect them from the hot sun. They need to not be fed commercial feed; though often the farmer will supplement their diet with things like clam shells, for calcium. They need fresh water. The farmer needs to maintain a clean farm, where the poop is cleared away very regularly.

Found used in many foods:

  • Cakes
  • Prepared meals

How it may be described on label:

  • Eggs

Examples of eggs added to food:

  • Dried whole eggs
  • Egg yolks
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