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When you're ready to get much more serious about the quality of your food, and learn how it's grown and processed.
Here you'll find articles covering a mix of topics, from the rules and regulations (the politics) of food, and how your food is made (the growing and processing).
Shish kabobs with sauces on a platter
Author: Thora Toft      August 12, 2020
Categories: Big Food    

We're constantly bombarded with adds and articles and news reports that scientists have found the perfect human diet... and every one of them is reporting something totally different. They can't all be right?

We scour the adds or articles or news...


Antique poison vial
Author: Thora Toft      January 9, 2017      Updated July 14, 2018
Categories: Big Agra    

Recently, glyphosate has been in the news, regarding a recent report from the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) that it may be a probable carcinogen.

This made me think about some of the history of many chemicals over the decades...


Grain field
Author: Thora Toft      January 6, 2017      Updated May 29, 2018
Categories: Big Food    

For people who have been in the alternative health movement for a while, they'll be familiar, to varying degrees, with the corruption that's at the core of our food system.

If you're new to alternative health, it can be a bit daunting,...


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