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I didn't start getting into health topics because I wanted to be cool, or trendy or like the "in crowd." I'm not concerned about what makes food healthy and what makes it unhealthy because I have some airy fairy idea of how the world should be.

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I care about these things for one reason, and one reason only.

I was sick and tired of being sick. I was sick and tired of having blasting migraines that felt like my head would explode. I was sick and tired of getting so bloated that it felt like my ribs were being stabbed from the inside.

Why It's So Hard to Find Solutions:

In my search for solutions I've learned how to heal myself. I also learned why it was so brutally difficult to learn even what I did learn.

The truth about what's healthy and what's unhealthy is hidden under "influencers" pushing the latest cleanse and the latest vitamin and the lastest super special fake food product that will solve all the worlds problems.

The truth about what's healing and what's not is being hidden by giant pharmaceutical companies and fake food manufacturers and religious institutions. They spend ungodly amounts of money to get laws passed that benefit them and not the people. They spend unbelievable amounts of money to push science in a direction that suits them and not the people.

Their influence has been growing for over a century. It's now at a point where the little bit of truth that manages to squeek out gets buried under thousands of falsities. Digging around to try and find it is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Removing the Knowledge:

The truth tellers are also being scrubbed from existence. Doctors and researchers have their licenses revoked, or they're suicided or are sued into oblivion. Seeing this happen is not a new thing. It's been going on since long before I began my own research. The current trend is to remove them from social media.

It really is like the saying, "out of sight, out of mind."

You have no idea what you can't see, what you can't find.

When the internet started it was a great resource, and you could find a ton of stuff on any health topic. You could see the advancements in knowledge in almost live time if you followed some of the topics. It allowed the natural health movement to really grow. That is now starting to disappear and get buried under "fact checkers" and "community guidelines."

Combining Forces and Pushing Back:

There is a silver lining to my little rant.

The natural health movement has been starting to cooperate with each other, and pool their resources. They're starting their own independent media outlets, they're getting their videos out on multiple video platforms and not just You Tube. They're using mutiple different new social media platforms simultaneously. They're combining their knowledge to share to each others audiences.

It's been very refreshing to see videos on other platforms where they can talk openly about topics that have been taboo. They don't have to invent fake words to get around algorithms. They can speak clearly and you don't have to read between the lines.

The supression of natural health has reached a critical point. They've pushed too many too far, and they're fighting back. They're fighting back as a group. A group that's been building their cooperation for a couple years.

Nothing to Lose Any More:

Many of these natural health people aren't just business people with a normal corporate structure. They're not just in business to make a buck.

These are people who've experienced health hardships. From being poisoned as children, watching their loved ones die of disease, being chronically ill themselves, etc. These people found solutions that were outside of the main stream. They found natural or alternative solutions. Solutions that saved their lives.

These people can't be threatened the same as some normal corporate CEO who builds widgets.

These people know what we lose if we lose the ability to have natural health choices. They lose their life, and the lives of their loved ones, and they know the same will happen to everyone who can be and is helped with natural or alternative choices.

What You Can Do To Understand What Choice Really Means:

This is the time to look for some of these knowledgeable alternative health people. Get off the popular search engines and do some digging to find some. Get on alternative video platforms to see what else is out there. Get on some alternative social media outlets and see what you can find.

If this is a new topic for you, you'll run across a lot of stuff you might think sounds nuts. But I'd suggest you keep listening, and find several people you like, and maybe even some you don't like. You're not required to believe or disbelieve what they have to say. Just put the info on the "info pile."

You'll learn some things that are so easy to try, or to check out for yourself. You'll gain a new perspective on a whole new area of knowledge. Knowledge that's only available at the moment for those who make the effort to look for it.

The goal of most in the natural health field is for the information to be freely available, and not hidden. Information that allows us to make fully informed decisions, and gives us options for our own lives. This type of open sharing of information will also show that there are a lot of solutions that are way, way better than what's being offered by the main stream medical system. This suppressed information will transform our world for the better.

In Conclusion:

I encourage you to do some research. Hunt out this information and these knowledgeable people. There's a saying that says, "seek and you shall find." This is so true in this case! This is an action you can take that will pay off big time in your life and in the life of your family.

If you're looking for a different way to look at our food and diet then check out some of the articles in our Kick It Up section. There's something for everyone, and it will get you thinking about food in a new way.

Learn, eat and enjoy!


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