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This is part of a series on various Leaders in the gluten free community. To see the others, click here.

Tom Malterre is a leader in the field of Autoimmune, Celiac and Gut Health Community. He's a Certified Nutritionist with a tremendously deep knowledge of how food and the things that come along with it can have such a deep impact on our health.

Tom Malterre - a leader in the Gluten Free, Celiac and Gut Health Community
Image by: Thora Toft  |  Photo by: Tom Malterre

He has over a decade of clinical experience working with nutrient deficiencies, chemical exposures, and the gut microbiome.

His knowledge of what gluten does to the human body makes him an invaluable resource when you need to be 100% gluten free. He understands that the damage done to the gut from gluten also needs to be dealt with.

This damage requires more work that just removing gluten. This is often a big reason why some people can’t get better when the only change they make is removing gluten. He shares his knowledge on what else can be done to heal and help you get to the point of wellness.

Tom received his Masters in Nutrition from Bastyr University, and has advanced training from the Institute for Functional Medicine and is a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner.

He has over a decade of clinical experience working with patients. Tom also lectures regularly for the Institute for Functional Medicine. He has lectured on nutrition and supplementation across the United States and Canada.

He currently coaches doctors and other health-care practitioners on Functional Medicine protocols while doing interviews and blogging on a vast array of health topics.

He has developed a book and a program called "The Elimination Diet." This can be extremely useful when going gluten free just isn’t enough to recover.

Tom's program is much more than just a plan to remove foods forever from your diet. Much of the reason foods bother people is because you have a damaged digestive system. Tom's Elimination Diet works to heal your body properly, which then allows you to reintroduce many of the foods that were removed during the healing phase.

This is an important distinction from many trendy elimination diets that people follow today. Too many people are left with far too restrictive diets, and still never get to the point of healing and wellness. This book walks you through the complete process for healing and wellness.

Tom Malterre’s Elimination Diet addresses this in a structured, researched, and individualized way.

Tom also shares his knowledge freely with the public, so they can gain the knowledge they can then use to heal themselves.

He understands what gluten does and what other things can be done that go a long way to getting better. He also understands how the body works from a Functional Medicine standpoint, which is to treat the whole person, and not just the symptoms.

He works with his wife, Alissa Segersten, who received her Bachelor's of Science in Nutrition from Bastyr University, and together they've also created 2 cookbooks, "The Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook," and "Nourishing Meals" and have many recipes available on their various websites. Due to their deep knowledge of health, food and diet, these recipes truly are made to be healthy, and they show how and when specific foods are best used.

Below are a number of places that you can go to to get more info on Tom Malterre. You can watch some of his videos and interviews, get access to his book, read his articles and a wide range of other useful info.

WholeLifeNutrition.net homepage image
Here you'll find information about his books, more information and articles about gluten and a ton of useful nutrition information, and much more.
Book by Tom Malterre and Alissa Segersten - The Elimination Diet image
There's a very powerful connection between how you feel and what you eat. Since no two people are the same, it's also true that no two diets work for everyone. The only way to discover just the right diet for you is to follow an Elimination Diet. This helps you link the foods you eat to your symptoms and customize a diet that works for you.
Includes 125 delicious recipes, shopping lists, and meal plans, and is a complete functional medicine resource to improve your health and feel better, naturally.
Cookbook by Tom Malterre and Alissa Segersten - The Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook image
Your guide for learning how to stock and prepare whole foods... and how to be the healthiest YOU! The entire cookbook is gluten free and many are also grain free.
Cookbook - Nourishing Meals
Cookbook by Tom Malterre and Alissa Segersten - Nourishing Meals image
The ultimate guide to eating healthfully as a family. A simple, practical cookbook that shows how easy it is to ditch processed foods one meal at a time with 365 delicious, whole food-based, allergen-free recipes that the entire family will love.
Tom Malterre Interview with Dr. Mike Okouchi image
Interview of Tom Malterre by Dr. Mike Okouchi of WhaddupDoc University Podcast with a good explanation of how his Elimination Diet works.
Tom Malterre interview with Dave Asprey image
Interview of Tom Malterre by Dave Asprey of the popular Bulletproof Podcast. They discuss why gluten and dairy are addictive, the minimum length of time for elimination diets to be effective, the gut microbiome, and the benefits of raw vs cooked vegetables.
Facebook page - Whole Life Nutrition image
Tom shares articles, videos and recipes to master the gluten free life and shares a deep understanding of health to help you get and stay well.
NourishingMeals.com homepage image
Many years of recipes and support material to master a gluten free life, as well as solid info on how to recover and maximize your health.
Facebook Page - Nourishing Meals image
Tom and Alissa share recipes and health advice, all gluten free.
You Tube Channel - Whole Life Nutrition image
Here you'll find some videos that will help you learn more about fine tuning and maximizing your health.
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