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Author:           Updated May 27, 2018
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When deciding to eat more real and gluten and toxin free, it's a good idea to ensure you have "Cheat Food."

Raspberry pudding with fresh raspberries
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What is Cheat Food? It's what we'd normally think of as junk food. The food we love, but regret once we've finished eating it. And junk food really is some of the worst food ever made. It has the most chemicals, bad fats, sugar, processed ingredients, etc.

It's a good idea to find some recipes for some home made cheat food. Not everything can be made that's healthy and gluten free, and some things just don't convert no matter what you do. That's why it's vital that you preplan what you will allow yourself, so you're not tempted to buy gluten and toxin loaded junk food.

For example, you really aren't going to be able to make a chocolate cake donut, with chocolate frosting and sprinkles. There's just too much wrong with it.

But you can make home made ice cream, sherbet or sorbet. Instead of the sugar in the recipe, why not try some Stevia. Hunt around to find Stevia extract or powder, with no fillers or additives. It's about 100 to 300 times as sweet, so it won't have the mass of sugar. Be careful not to buy the products that have hit the shelves lately that are full of fillers, they are not Real, and are filled with unwanted food additives. Or you can make it with some raw, unfiltered honey as a sweetener. If you choose a naturally sweet fruit to add to it, then you can lower the sugar added. Fruit sorbets are the most naturally sweet when you're making a frozen food (Sorbet has no dairy).

Homemade potato chips
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Home made chips can be made Real. Use fresh potatoes, or yams, or try out some different veggie chips. When cooked in coconut oil, they won't contain bad fats.

Make some different dry mixes to toss on the chips if you like some flavor. Use Himalayan salt, fresh spices and herbs. You can also make some chip dip, using some home made mayonnaise, and herbs.

Try out some different puddings that can be made from scratch. They can get their creaminess from Avocado, their sweetness from dates or honey, add some fresh chopped coconut, or raw chocolate.

Bananas can form the base of pudding really well also. Mix in some raw nut butters, and some fruit, and you've got nice healthy, real ingredient "Cheat Food."

Experiment with some different items, so you're always ready when you have some craving - you can cheat and not feel guilty.

If you want some help in trying to figure out how to start, or you're having some sort of planning block when it comes to figuring out how to eat gluten and toxin free, I can help.


Thora Toft

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