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If you're disillusioned by the nutrition and medical systems, it's critical that you take a very proactive stance in doing your own research and making your own informed decisions.

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It's also critical that you don't get emotionally attached to anything you read. Treat what you read and learn as only info.

Fraud Hidden Until It's Not:

If you have a distrust, it's probably for a good reason. One realization I had is that if part of the system is incorrect or corrupt then I needed to be suspicious of all of it. I didn't automatically believe or disbelieve anything. I knew I had to treat it with a grain of salt, positively and negatively.

There were times in my early research that I found info, that I acted on. Later on I found out some of it was completely false and fraudulent. But when I first heard it, and investigated and studied all the research that was available, I couldn't see the fraud. That's part of the problem. Until things are uncovered, you simply don't know it's fraudulent or misleading or taken out of context.

This year has been a big eye opener that even more is corrupt and fraudulent than I thought. And believe me, I had little trust in it before this year. This year just made it worse.

I often wonder about how much is even real. Is any of the medical science real? So much of science relies on supposed facts from decades ago. But how much of that info from decades ago is correct?

There have been a few things come out that some of those things from long ago have never been true, and weren't even shown to be true way back then. Someone or a group of someones just decided they'd say it's true. They were in postions of power or prestige. If there were any detracters back then, we don't hear about them. Whoever was pushing some falsehood as true had more clout, and were able to get more influencial people to listen to them. History really is written by the victors.

You Don't Know What You Don't Know:

I've noted throughout my posts that it's important to not get emotionally attached to nutrition and health information. A core reason is that there's so many things you have no idea about, that are completely false or taken out of context. But you have absolutely no way of knowing what those things are. If you did know those things you would make completely different choices.

The implications are not little minor changes. The implications are massive, and could alter the entire way you live. These potential changes would make your life much better. But if you're stuck believing in the info you use to decide how you live now, you'll miss these life altering revelations.

Modern Health Movements Require Believers:

In fact, if you strongly believe in something you'll most likely never look into any info that challenges or contradicts it.

That's one of the great challenges of some modern day health and health activist movements. The core goal of many of the proponents is to get their followers to "believe" them.

You must believe the experts or the doctors who say stuff is true. Questioning them is like questioning the Pope if you were Catholic.

If you even dare to challenge any info, or show where it's flawed, you're scorned and publically shamed. You're cast out of your peer groups, you're kicked out of online and in person social groups, you're harassed at your job, etc.

If there's ever any sort of nutrition or health group that behaves like this, they are not based on truth. This is a major red flag that there's some behind the scenes agenda driving that particular group.

If you've taken some of their teachings to heart and "believe" it, you'll have a very hard time hearing the criticisms. But if you want to get to the truth, you're going to have to hear the criticisms and even go and investigate it. When you investigate it, make the effort to listen to a lot of sources. There will be some people who can communicate a counter argument well, and some who can't. You'll need to hear it all to start to get at some truth, or in a different context, or at least a different perspective.

There Are No Overseers of Truth:

There are no overseers making sure only truth gets out. There's no government bodies who's role it is to vet anything published or said or promoted. Even if there was, these organizations are not staffed by angelic beings. They're staffed by regular humans, and if the organization has been around any amount of time, you can guarantee there will be staff from outside interests that have some sort of agenda that is not based on pure truth, and they'll be working hard to make sure their agenda is being kept in a good light.

That's why it's up to you to do your research. This is a life long task. It's not something that you do for a little while and then you're done. Information is always changing, and new revelations and perspectives are always coming to light.

Be Open to New Info:

We can make the best possible choices based on the info we have at the moment. And simultaneously be open to new info, info that can empower us and allow us to live the best life we can.

If you're interested in learning more about challenging how you think about food and nutrition be sure to check out our Kick It Up section.

Learn, eat and enjoy!

Thora Toft

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