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Many store bought macaroons are very sweet, often overwhelmingly sweet.

This version is much less sweet. There is some honey used as a binder and a sweetener, but much less than store bought.

Coconut macaroon cookies on a plate
Image by: Thora Toft

Prep time: 15 minutes Cook time: 12 minutes Makes: 4 servings - about 12 cookies Difficulty: Medium

Gluten free Dairy free Grain free Soy free

Use all organic ingredients, and ensure any packaged products are labeled gluten free.

Shopping Tips - what to look for to get the best gluten free, real ingredients for this recipe:

You want to find organic eggs, preferably direct from a farmer.

The best would be to buy them from an organic farmer, who truly allows the chickens to roam free. The highest quality eggs are produced from hens that eat a truly natural diet by picking at the ground. They should not be fed a grain based chicken feed. This is far too different than what they would eat in a truly natural environment.

There is just so much wrong with the way chickens are kept for the vast majority of farms in the US. This produces inferior food for us. Making the effort to find these kinds of eggs will pay off big time in your health.

You may be able to find these kinds of eggs at farmers markets, or small health food stores.

Watch out for a lot of gimmicky marketing in relation to eggs, such as Omega 3 eggs. These are from chickens fed grain based chicken feed, so will actually be harmful to you. There's even vegan fed chickens. This is just a really stupid gimmick. They are fed a grain based chicken feed, and fully prevented from being able to pick at natural ground (since they'd eat things not vegan). And if you're eating eggs, it's not vegan. If it sounds gimmicky, walk away.

Here's a nice article about real, free range chickens:

All dried fruit should be organic, labeled gluten free, unsweetened, unsulfured and contain no other ingredients or additives.

You can make your own shredded coconut from a fresh organic coconut.

Alternatively, you want to look for organic, labeled gluten free, unsweetened shredded coconut, without sulfur, and no other additives. If it does not contain sulfur it will actually need to state that, as sulfur is not always required to be on the label. It should only contain coconut. It's readily available in stores that carry organic products. There are even some labeled as gluten free.

Buying organic reduces a number of toxic chemicals that can cause harm to humans. When you are required to eat gluten free, you will need to reduce all unnecessary stress on your stomach, so that it has a better chance of healing. Using organic fruits and vegetables will go a long way to achieving this.

Consumer Reports has also published a report. They have a nice summary of residues on both conventional and organic produce. This is a good place to start if this is a new topic for you, and it gives good detail, but in a readable format.

Check out this article on the benefits of organic:

You want to find raw, unfiltered honey. It has many nutritional benefits over pasteurized and filtered honey.

The best place to buy it is directly from the bee farmers, either at their farm or at a farmer’s market. Sometimes smaller health food stores may carry it. There's limited regulations on the word raw, so often store bought raw honey won't actually be raw. You can hunt for a farmer who is located next to organic land or wild land, and it will be the least contaminated.

Raw unfiltered honey will not be crystal clear. It should be crystal like, and have small or tiny "floaties." These floaties are bee pollen, honeycomb bits, propolis, and even broken bee wing fragments. Some farmers will have some light filtering, which will be simply a course sieve. This will remove the wings, but leave in the smaller bits of pollen and propolis.

Over time, raw honey will solidify. You don't want it filtered, or heated, or treated, which completely removes any benefits of honey.

For additional reading on raw and unfiltered honey, check out these 3 articles:

You want to purchase only organic nuts and seeds.

This greatly reduces the pesticide residues on them. Non organic nuts and seeds are also often treated with radiation, which is not done to organic nuts and seeds.

It is more difficult to find truly raw nuts and seeds in the US, unless you are buying directly from the grower. Several US laws require varying levels of heat treatment for nuts and seeds, both traditionally grown and organic. However, nuts and seeds can still be something good for most people.

To read more about almonds, check out this article on our site:

Check out this article to learn a bit more about nuts and seeds:

You want to look for organic real vanilla or vanilla extract, and not artificial.

There are artificial versions of vanilla called vanillin or vanilla flavor. You want to make sure you don't buy those. You also have to watch out for vanillin and vanilla flavor on labels, as it's an indication of an artificial ingredient, and not real vanilla.

Check out this article on real vanilla and more details on what to look for:

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2 Egg whites
2 cups Unsweetened shredded coconut
1/2 cup Honey, raw and unfiltered
1/2 cup Whole almonds, chopped into tiny pieces
1/2 teaspoon Pure vanilla extract
Substitutions and Notes:
  • Coconut: These cookies will stick together better when finer shredded coconut is used. Add a bit more honey if they are not holding together as well as you want.
  • Almonds: You can toast the ground almonds for a nice roasted nut flavor.
  • Eggs: Don't use immitation eggs for this recipe. Real eggs are required to allow the cookies to stick together and not fall apart.
  • Honey: You can use another liquid sweetener of your choice instead of honey. It does require stickiness that is part of natural sugar, so artificial sweeteners won't work for this recipe. Some suitable ones to use would be agave nectar or maple syrup.
  • Preheat oven to 350° F.
  • Line a baking sheet with waxed or oven parchment paper.
  • In a large bowl, whisk the honey and the egg whites together.
  • Add the almonds, coconut and vanilla to the bowl, and mix together.
  • Form the dough into individual macaroons. Drop cookies onto the prepared baking sheet and place in the oven.
  • Bake the macaroons until bottoms are golden brown, about 12 to 15 minutes.

Munch and enjoy!

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