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Fresh guacamole with chips on the side
Author: Thora Toft      August 30, 2020
Categories: Snacks    

A tangy fresh guacamole that's great served with tortilla chips and goes great with a Mexican themed dinner or Homemade Chili.

Homemade French Fries on a wooden board next to a small dish of ketchup
Author: Thora Toft      January 21, 2019
Categories: Side Dishes  •  Snacks - Chips    

These homemade French Fries are delicious and have much more flavor than any store bought fry. The secret is "double" frying, which ensures a nice crisp fry. When you use a Real oil, these can be eaten as part of a healthy diet - just...

Potato chips on a wooden board, sprinkled with coarse salt and freshly ground pepper, next to a bowl of chip dip
Author: Thora Toft      March 25, 2017      Updated March 10, 2019
Categories: Snacks - Chips    

These are easier to make than you'd think, and makes a much better version than you'd find in the store. When using a Real oil, they become a healthy part of a diet. You can season them simply with some sea salt, or kick it up with some fresh,...

Baked potato chips on a plate
Author: Thora Toft      February 23, 2017      Updated October 4, 2018
Categories: Snacks - Chips     Side Dishes    

This is a very easy recipe for absolutely delicious do it yourself potato chips, french fries, and wedges. Choose a "Real Food" oil, such as organic, cold pressed coconut oil, homemade lard, butter or another meat fat of your choice. Avoid other...

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