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Fresh mayonnaise in a small glass bowl
Author: Thora Toft      January 10, 2017      Updated October 20, 2019
Categories: Condiments - Sauces    

The key to keeping mayonnaise a whole food is simple ingredients. When made with the "new" good oils, such as coconut, olive, nut and seed oils, and even fresh meat fats, this can actually be healthy, and you won't need to ration it. With practice,...

Freshly made salsa in a bowl next to a variety of different types of potato chips
Author: Thora Toft      April 8, 2019
Categories: Condiments - Sauces    

This tasty fresh salsa is easy to make in a blender, and goes great with chips, nachos, tortillas or used to cover veggies or oven baked meats.

Raspberry dressing in a little dish next to a fruit salad
Author: Thora Toft      April 15, 2018      Updated July 9, 2018

This is a gluten free rosy salad dressing made with fresh raspberries. It's great on a mixed greens salad, or on a fruit salad that also contains some extra raspberries.

Tartar sauce in a bowl with sliced limes
Author: Thora Toft      October 30, 2017      Updated July 2, 2018
Categories: Condiments - Sauces    

This is a very easy and quick tartar sauce that can be made as needed, instead of making a larger batch that may not get eaten if you don't use it very often.

Commercially prepared Tartar Sauce is loaded with a number of ingredients that can cause...

Herb sprinkle made from fresh herbs on a plate next to steamed veggies
Author: Thora Toft      July 30, 2017      Updated December 30, 2018
Categories: Condiments - Spice Mixes    

This is a nice way to liven up steamed, roasted, or basic stir fried vegetables. When you're not used to having simple vegetables, or you're trying to eat more veggies, this gives a lot more flavor, and can make it much easier to add a lot more...

Whole grain dijon mustard in a wooden bowl
Author: Thora Toft      April 8, 2017
Categories: Condiments - Sauces    

Whole grain Dijon mustard is a popular condiment with an old world taste and feel. Make your own at home to add a natural and delicious treat to your meals. This recipe tastes awesome and is so easy to make.

Yellow mustard on a spoon next to small piles of turmeric and mustard powder
Author: Thora Toft      April 7, 2017
Categories: Condiments - Sauces    

This is a basic recipe that can be made on demand. You can experiment with some different herbs and spices to make some different versions. Vinegar and lemon juice will also add a lovely tanginess. You can control the ingredients to ensure it's...

Dijon mustard in a small wooden bowl on a platter with sausage medallions
Author: Thora Toft      April 4, 2017
Categories: Condiments - Sauces    

Dijon mustard is a very popular condiment. Making your own at home is a great way to add a delicious, all natural version to your meal planning. This recipe tastes great and is easy to make.

Jar of homemade fruit salad dressing beside some fruit
Author: Thora Toft      April 2, 2017      Updated June 9, 2019
Categories: Salad Dressing - Fruit    

This tangy dressing can be used on fruit salad, or even on a mixed vegetable salad for something different. Add Tamari and you instantly have an Oriental dressing for salads. Add sesame seeds to complete the salad.

Shake and serve simple salad dressing in a glass jar next to a veggie plate
Author: Thora Toft      April 2, 2017      Updated December 2, 2018
Categories: Salad Dressing - Vinaigrette    

This is super simple for a first try at making salad dressing. You can customize it to your own taste by adding some fresh herbs, such as thyme, or some other herb that you like the flavor and aroma of. Try some different oils, and different...

The spices for ff seasoning in little piles on a cutting board
Author: Thora Toft      March 29, 2017      Updated January 28, 2019
Categories: Condiments - Spice Mixes    

This homemade spice mix will easily liven up homemade potato chips or fries, and will make you a hit at any party or dinner table. This seasoning goes great on burgers, steamed or pan fried veggies, chicken, fish and even popcorn!

Popcorn in a bowl with a cinnamon topping
Author: Thora Toft      March 29, 2017      Updated June 28, 2018
Categories: Condiments - Spice Mixes     Snacks - Popcorn    

This made from scratch popcorn seasoning gives a delicious hint of sweetness to fresh popped popcorn or even to potato chips. It's made with date sugar instead of highly processed white sugar. Date sugar is actually just roasted, ground dates,

Homemade Ranch salad dressing in a bowl beside cherry tomatoes and rock salt
Author: Thora Toft      February 18, 2017      Updated June 16, 2018
Categories: Salad Dressing - Creamy    

When made with fresh herbs, good oils, and quality ingredients, this dressing becomes a good source of nutrition. When a higher intake of veggies is new to you, this can really help you eat a lot more of them. Though this has a few more ingredients,...

Freshly prepared homemade all purpose seasoning in a small bowl
Author: Thora Toft      January 3, 2017      Updated January 14, 2019
Categories: Condiments - Spice Mixes    

Having a homemade replacement for store bought seasoning salt is a great addition to your gluten free, whole food pantry. It's versatile and gives a nice kick to your meals.

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